VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASE (Linux version) 2.3

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"VISOCO DBExpress драйвер для Sybase ASE"

VISOCO DBExpress драйвер для ASE Sybase является DBExpress драйвера для Borland Delphi, Kylix, C + + Builder.VISOCO DBExpress драйвер для Sybase ASE обеспечивает прямой доступ к Sybase ASE и позволяет избежать Borland Database Engine (BDE), ODBC, ADO.Ключевые особенности:- Высокая производительность- Родной доступ к Sybase ASE- Совместимость со стандартными и сторонними базами данных, элементы управления и компоненты- Простота установки и распределение- Свернутое размер водителя и использование системных ресурсов- Кросс-платформенная поддержка через Borland CLX для Windows, и Linux- Бесплатная поддержка для зарегистрированных пользователей- "Per-разработчика» без лицензии лицензионный платежСовместимость:- Kylix 2- Kylix 3- Sybase ASE 11,0- Sybase ASE 11,5- Sybase ASE 12,0- Sybase ASE 12,5- Sybase ASE 15,0- Sybase ASE Express Edition для LinuxСкачать VISOCO DBExpress драйвер для Sybase ASE по адресу:Пробная версия может быть использована только для ознакомительных целей. Вы можете использовать его в течение 30 дней и не более 1000 запросов для всех подключений в вашем приложении.Вам нужно больше информации? Пожалуйста, посетите наш сайт:

Требования: Linux, Unix

Что нового в этой версии: Version 2.3 10-January-06 - ADDED: Support of Sybase ASE 15.0. Version 2.2 01-August-05 - NEW: The source code now contains both versions - the version compatible with old versions of ASE (11.0 - 12.5) and the version working with ASE 12.5 and higher (Use SYBASE_125 conditional define to compile) (Pro version). - ADDED: Support of Delphi 2005 for ASE 11.0-12.0 (Win32 version). - ADDED: A possibility to trim trailing spaces from CHAR datatype (Use eConnTrimChar connection option). - CHANGED: In the implementation of the handling of NUMERIC/DECIMAL parameters. - CHANGED: Some minor changes Version 2.1 01-February-05 - ADDED: Support of Delphi 2005 for ASE 12.5 (Win32 version); - ADDED: Support of Sybase ASE Express Edition for Linux; - ADDED: DCU file for a static linking for Delphi 2005 (in the registered Win32 version only); - FIXED: Minor changes of ISQLConnection.getOption and ISQLMetadata.getOption methods. Version 2.0 (build 160) 24-August-04 - NEW: Support of ASE 12.5 with Open Client 12.5. Two in one. Since version 2.0 you gain two drivers. First is optimized for operation with databases of versions 11.0-12.0, second only for version 12.5. This version was specially optimized for ASE 12.5. It doesn't work with the old versions of ASE and Open Client. Some methods of the driver (especially ISQLMetadata methods) were rewritten to use new features of the server. As a result we got a significant enhancement of the performance. - ADDED: DCU file for a static linking (Delphi 6, 7, C++ Builder 6 in the registered version only) - ADDED: Support of Delphi 7 Update 1 - ADDED: Support of Delphi 8 - ALTERED: Numerous changes of the implementation of ISQLMetadata: support of the search patterns, filtering by the object's name, filtering by the name of the schema - ALTERED: Improved GetProcedureParams method - ADDED: Additional configuration of the connection properties via "Custom String" parameter(Delphi 7 and higher only). - FIXED: Fixed the implementation of GetIndices method - ALTERED: Some fixes of the implementation of ISQLConnection: correct support of the quotation symbol (double quote), correct handling of fully-qualified object names - ADDED: New demo: StoredProc. We demonstrate using Stored Proc in this demo - ADDED: New demo: BlobDemo. A simple demonstration how to load/unload text files and image files to/from the BLOB field of the database. - CHANGED: Updated installer (Windows version only) - ALTERED: Some minor improvements of other methods - FIXED: Some minor fixes Version 1.2.5 (build 106) 23-May-03 ADDED: DCU file for a static linking Fixed: Minor errors in the installation ADDED: Improvement of image BLOb's handling Version 1.2.5 (build 105) 18-Nov-02 ADDED: Full compatibility with Delphi 7. Source code can be compiled with Delphi 6, 7 and Kylix 2, 3 FIXED: Bug appeared in version 102: attempt to execute nonexistent stored procedure didn't indicate an error. ADDED: Added a posibility to determine a connection timeout. (Delphi 7 only) ADDED: Automatic naming of unnamed fields. (like BDE) ALTERED: Changed a name of a return parameter of a stored procedure from "return" to "Result". (like BDE) FIXED: Some minor fixes. Version 1.2.4 (build 102) 30-Oct-02 FIXED: The following message appears in the log: "Message: Severity: 1. ct_results(): user api layer: external error: This routine cannot be called until all fetchable results have been completely processed.". This error has been fixed. Version 1.2.4 (build 101) 15-Oct-02 FIXED: Bug with an interface handling that cause an accumulation of unused connections and memory leaks. FIXED: Bug in ISQLCommand.setParameter that cause Access Violation when passing empty strings. ADDED: Improved a results processing logic. ADDED: Support of input BLOB parameters for queries (not for stored procedures!). ADDED: Improved a BLOB fetching. Removed a restriction that obliges to place BLOB fields in the end of the fields list of SELECT clause. FIXED: ISQLMetadata.getColumns now returns correct precision and scale for NUMERIC fields and length for VARCHAR fields. FIXED: Improved a parsing of stored procedure definition in ISQLMetadata.getProcedureParams. This method couldn't determine OUT-parameters in some cases. It works correctly now. FIXED: ISQLConnection.connect now close a connection when trying to connect to a database that doesn't exists instead of keeping a connection to the default database. ADDED: getErrorMessage now returns extended error description that contains message number and severity. ADDED: ISQLCommand.setParameter now allows to pass parameters in any order. Previous implementation allows an ascending order only. ALTERED: ISQLCommand.getNextCursor method has been changed. It returns SQL_NULL_DATA if there is an active cursor. ALTERED: ISQLMetadata.getIndices method now contains a temporary dummy code. It returns an empty cursor. (There are significant differences between Sybase ASE versions 11.0 - 11.5 - 12.0 and especially Sybase ASA. We are trying to find a solution.) ADDED: The number of queries in trial version was increased from 100 to 1000. Version 1.1.1 (build 098) 9-Jul-02 ADDED: ISQLConnection now correctly sends client hostname to the server. This information is available by executing "sp_who" stored procedure. ADDED: ISQLCursor.isReadOnly always returns false to prevent creation of ReadOnly fields Version 1.1.1 (build 097) 8-May-02 ADDED: Sybase ASA 7.0 support (via Open Client) Version 1.1 (build 096) 26-Apr-02 ADDED: build numeration added FIXED: some bugs were fixed ADDED: tested with Sybase 11.0 Version 1.1 27-Feb-02 dbExpress driver for Sybase 1.1 released.

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